Purr for the Cure Tee & Candle Bundle


Breast Cancer Hisssss! We hate those words! Here's a Tee that shows your support. We're doing our part to kick the hiss out of breast cancer! 15% of sales of this Tee will go to the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for breast cancer research. Come on Kittens, Let's purr for the cure!

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

'SAVE THE TATA'S' Bamboo and White Orchid soy candle

We're kicking the hiss out of breast cancer...Hisssss...we hate it! Here's a soothing, relaxing, healing, bamboo and white orchid scented candle we've added clear quartz that is believed to strengthen the immune system and balance out the entire body and rose quartz which is thought to relieve toxic emotions. Dried, organic rose petals are added because they are beautiful...just like you!

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