Hey there Kittens! Thanks for stopping by! Never heard of Honeycat? You gotta be kitten me! Oh, we've been around since 2006. Here's the tail ( see what we did there ...giggle ). Ancient Egyptians believed that cats could make their female masters irresistible!

We are a line of gourmet bath, body and spa products. You won't find ordinary scents over way. Think of us as Mae West meets Cat Woman! Our goal is to help you unleash your inner Cat Woman! ( We know she's in there scratching to get out ).

We are located in the Big Apple, New York City, right in the heart of the Hell's Kitchen area. Just like a cat, we are located in the city that's up all night long. Our products are made in the US and are absolutely cruelty free; never tested on animals, not by us or our suppliers. We're all vegetarians over here ( although I did catch one of the girls watching a BBQ cook off show on FoodNetwork...hmmm). We make every effort to keep harmful chemicals out of our products. Oh, we're not just a pretty face either; we really do use the finest exotic oils and butters like, my personal favorite Carrot seed Oil, Cranberry Butter or how about Broccoli Seed Oil or Tomato Seed Oil..yup. Who says, that eco-friendly has to be drab and boring?

As I'm sure you've guessed, we are crazy cat people over here, actually we love all animals ( I'm working on loving snakes...ugggh! can't do snakes, but I'm trying ) We are partial to our feline fur babies. I have two strays of my own; Beep and Big Poppa. Five years ago I found Poppa, he was about six weeks old and covered in fleas. It was love at first site. Now, he's the king of the castle. Beep is my darling little one she was given to me by one of the neighbors; a real cutie Patootie!

We are givers, environmentally conscious and true friends of Mother Earth ( For now, there is no Planet B).For every purchase, we donate 10% of sales to various cat rescue organizations and sanctuaries. We are preparing to partner with a global outreach that will help to provide fresh, clean drinking water in countries where it is desperately needed.

Over here at Honeycat we embrace and encourage diversity, individuality, equality and creativity so, if you want to come to work in PJs and a feather boa we're totally cool with that. In fact, our staff is made up of the most wonderful, diverse, colorful, dance-to-your-own-drum people that you ever want to meet. Spreading love and respect are the rules over here.

Come on by and visit us on Face Book, InstaGram, or Twitter. Of course my Dear you can always visit us at We would love to see you! Hip, safe, sassy and fun...that's Honeycat! So come on by and get your purr on!

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