Cat’s Eye Bath Bomb

Cat's are so alluring just like you and they have the most hypnotic eyes! Introducing our newest bath bomb "Cat's Eye"! Ahhh, this combination of citrus, seagrass and driftwood is positively bewitching. Loaded with moisturizers like, meadow foam oil, coconut oil and mango butter. Toss one into the tub and...

Where’s My Boo bath bomb

Where's my Boo? Oh, there you are! Mmmm, sweet marshmallow and whipped cream. What else would a ghost smell like Darlings?! Loaded with moisturizers like, meadow foam oil, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil. Toss one into the tub and get your BOO on! Comes in two sizes.


Suicide is a permanent solution to what is, in many cases, a temporary situation. Once touched by it, we are never quite the same. Please join us as we partner with the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention in our, #PLEASESTAY campaign 20% of sales of this Tee will go to...

Where you Ben-Gal Body Scrub

Mmmm, ripe, sweet bananas, cream and a dash of bourbon! A tropical treat for your skin! Add to this, mango butter, banana butter, and coconut oil.... GURL, you'll be going bananas over this jar of deliciousness! Rub it on and shower off nope, no moisturizer needed. Here's something worth purring...

Grooming Day Shower Gel

Mmmm, sweet potatoes in a layer of butter, cream, nutmeg and cinnamon. Just like momma use to make. This is a REAL bubble bath Dolls; makes oodles of bubbles for you to get soft and lost in! Smells just like the holidays! We promise you won't smell like a pie...

Coquito Shower Gel

COQUITO: Coconut/Rum bubble bath and shower gel Hola niña!Nothing says the holidays like coquito! Cream, coconut and rum...oh my! Loaded with natural moisturizers and butters! Super creamy and smells just like the holidays! The good news? No hangover. A dollop to your tub and let the purring begin! Comes in...

“SWEET CREAM” body cream

Hey there Kittens! Here's sweets for the sweet! Rich, delicious cream with a dollop of vanilla. This is a yum fest for your skin! Super moisturizing; loaded with exotic butters and oils. Now THIS is what I call slipping into something more comfortable! A little goes a long way Darling!...

Flea-lon soap

Hola Niña! What's that haunting aroma? Sweetened milk and rich vanilla wrapped in a blanket of cream! Mini Flan scented soap. Infused with olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil. Smells simply divine! Lather up Darlings!

MainCoon Saloon Kentucky Bourbon bath bomb

Howdy ladies! I do declare! Here's a bath bomb that I think is simply, the cat's meow! Jam packed with coconut oil, meadow foam oil and Apricot Kernel oil a recipe for super soft skin! Toss one in and create a tub of deliciousness! The good part? No hangover Darling!