“SWEET CREAM” body cream

Hey there Kittens! Here's sweets for the sweet! Rich, delicious cream with a dollop of vanilla. This is a yum fest for your skin! Super moisturizing; loaded with exotic butters and oils. Now THIS is what I call slipping into something more comfortable! A little goes a long way Darling!...

Flea-lon soap

Hola Niña! What's that haunting aroma? Sweetened milk and rich vanilla wrapped in a blanket of cream! Mini Flan scented soap. Infused with olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil. Smells simply divine! Lather up Darlings!

MainCoon Saloon Kentucky Bourbon bath bomb

Howdy ladies! I do declare! Here's a bath bomb that I think is simply, the cat's meow! Jam packed with coconut oil, meadow foam oil and Apricot Kernel oil a recipe for super soft skin! Toss one in and create a tub of deliciousness! The good part? No hangover Darling!

Buttermilk & honey bar Soap

Splish, splash while you're taking a bath, nothing could be better than that! Rub, dub just relaxing in the tub purring like a sexy Honeycat. This vanilla buttercream soap is absolutely yummy! Shea butter, aloe and sweet almond oil make this soap a feast for your skin. We know you're...

Purr for the Cure Tee

We're kicking the hiss out of cancer with our new, " Purr For The Cure." Tee. 20% of sales of this item goes to support breast cancer research.

Purr For The Cure Bath Bomb

"Purr For The Cure" bath bombs! 20% of sales of this product will go to support breast cancer research. We're doing our part to kick the Hiss out of cancer.

Kitty Caviar

Strawberry champagne on ice! Lucky for you that's what we like. That's what we like! We know Honeycat gals simply adore luxury. Here ya go darlings! Sweet, sun ripened strawberries and prosecco! Luxury In a jar loves! Toss a few spoons full into the tub or onto your sponge. Super...

CatRibbean Gift Set

There's a Category 5 tropical storm headed straight for your bath tub! Here's a gift set with a taste of the Islands! Nena it's Coquito time! Coconut, rum and cream..OH MY! How can you possibly resist?! Includes: 8 ounce bottle of, Coquito Bubble Stuff, bubble bath/shower gel, mini Coquito bath...

Mini Fishnet Gift Set

Hey you gorgeous girl you! Here's a meow-valous little gift set that's sure to make you the cat's pajamas! You can choose from any of our large bath bombs; add to this my best selling " Rub My Tummy " buttermilk & honey super moisturizing body cream. All wrapped in...