Hugs, Hisses & Pretty Pink Kisses Valentine's Gift Set


What's that you say? You don't have a sweetie this V-Day? Please! Shuga, be your own Valentine! Here's
a beautiful box of, be your own Valentine!

"Chocolate Bath Melt Treats", a box of 8 little squares of chocolaty, moisturizing goodness! Toss one (or two into the tub) and turn your tub into a big ole hot chocolate.

"Hearts and Roses" water lily, marshmallow and seagrass scented soy candle. Now that you're soaking in the chocolaty goodness light up this romantic scent. All done?

Add a little extra moisturizer with our best selling, "Rub My Tummy" buttermilk and honey body cream. Now, don't you feel fabulous?!

a $50 value now $35, Limited time only. Sale ends February 15.

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